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Tina Darcy


Tina L. Dancy is a seasoned health care professional with more than 30 years in the health care industry. Currently, she serves as the Office Manager for a private Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease Medical Practice in Houston, Texas. As the lead administrator of a dynamic health care office, she oversees a complex network of public as well as private grant and research programs, a vast accounts receivables department with receipts totaling more than 3 million dollars annually, and a diverse staff of more than 20 health care professionals and fellows from around the world. Prior to her current post, she served in various management roles within the offices of three other private practitioners as well as one of the nation’s leading health care institutions.

Ms. Dancy is a native Houstonian and has dedicated her life to Medicine. She obtained her formal education from Worthing High School in Houston, Texas and went on to study Business Management at Texas Southern University.

Over the past 25 years Ms. Dancy has worked exclusively in the field of HIV care and infectious disease. She has worked on numerous research and innovative studies which have led to the formation of effective solutions to combat this serious illness. Most recently, Ms. Dancy assisted in the development and implementation of a protocol to successfully treat the Hepatitis C mono/co-infection.

In addition to management, Ms. Dancy has been credited for creating as well as designing numerous presentations which have been utilized at various international conferences, institutes, and seminars. As a highly sought after and very knowledgeable health care administrator, Ms. Dancy’s services have been requested by countless physicians, pharmaceutical companies and organizations.