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CHF (Community Healthcare Foundation, Inc.) is “Helping families to get well and stay healthy” by providing support for people living with chronic diseases, such as Hepatitis C and other liver diseases, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, Cystic Fibrosis and others, in the form of medication assistance, case management, referrals, educational forums, (including pharmaceutical companies) and advocacy.


CHF envision a world where people with Chronic Liver Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Multiple Sclerosis, PLWHA’s, (People Living With HIV/AIDS) are understood and embraced and have access to support, care, and the medical resources they need to achieve either and improved quality of life for those affected and impacted by HIV or long term or complete recovery for those with chronic diseases. CHF will identify and advocate for needed services related to liver disease, HIV and other chronic diseases including medication assistance and medical referrals, and empower and educate the community by facilitating collaborations between service providers, social and human service agencies, communities and other organizations in support of individuals at any stage of recovery from chronic diseases, liver disease and HIV disease.

 At times, per the discretion of the BOD (Board of Directors), CHF may provide internships or volunteer opportunities that will provide opportunities for involvement in said activities and program in order to have a greater impact and assist more community members.

Meet the Board


Tina Darcy


Rohit Wattal


Bharat Modi


Sonia Alizzi


Asheet Yagnik

Vice President

About Our Chairman

Harish Katharani is a CHF Patron ………. And due to his love of community and helping those less fortunate and with his philanthropic heart he will match a certain percentage of any grant (up to 10%) or patron donation/contribution (up to 20%) for the 2016 year. We acknowledge and thank him!